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MAZEL Wedge – Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge,Right/Left Handed,35,45,55,60 Degree Available for Men & Women,Improve Your Short Game


Review: MAZEL Chipper Wedge

Looking to take your short game to the next level? The MAZEL Chipper Wedge might just be the game-changing club you need. As an avid golfer who is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest golf products, I recently had the opportunity to try out this innovative chipper wedge, and I must say, I was impressed.

First Impressions

When I first held the MAZEL Chipper Wedge in my hands, I could immediately feel the quality and craftsmanship. The stainless steel construction gives it a solid and sturdy feel, while the vibrant green color adds a touch of style. The putter grip type provides excellent control and a comfortable feel, offering good hand grip and shock absorption. I appreciate the attention to detail and the overall design of this club.

As a right-handed golfer, the hand orientation of this chipper wedge suited me perfectly. It allowed for a natural swing and follow-through, making it easy to control the ball speed. The 35-inch putter-like length was also ideal for my stance and swing mechanics, giving me the confidence to go for those delicate chips around the green.

Designed for Short Game Mastery

The MAZEL Chipper Wedge is specifically designed to help golfers improve their short game, particularly those who struggle with thin or fat chip shots. And let me tell you, it delivers on its promise. The wide sole prevents digging, allowing for clean and crisp contact with the ball. The shallow grooves of the sole also reduce friction, resulting in greater accuracy.

What impressed me the most was how easy it was to chip the ball with this club. The 330g heavy club head, combined with a lower center of gravity, made it effortless to get the ball up in the air and land it softly on the green. The club glides smoothly through the turf or sand, allowing for precise shots even from challenging lies.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

The MAZEL Chipper Wedge is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a professional looking to fine-tune your short game or a beginner trying to gain more confidence around the greens, this club is a valuable addition to your golf bag.

Context and Expectations

When I first decided to try the MAZEL Chipper Wedge, I was in the midst of a championship tournament. I had been struggling with my short game, and I knew that something had to change if I wanted to have a competitive edge. I had specific expectations of finding a club that could eliminate those frustrating thin and fat shots and help me improve my accuracy and consistency.

I must say that the MAZEL Chipper Wedge exceeded my expectations. Not only did it eliminate those shot inconsistencies, but it also gave me a newfound confidence in my short game. I could take on challenging lies and difficult green-side situations with ease, knowing that this club had my back.

Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Green
Grip Type: Putter
Golf Club Flex: Regular
Hand Orientation: Right
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
Golf Putter Lie Angle: 45
Grip Material: Rubber
Golf Club Loft: 55 Degrees

The MAZEL Chipper Wedge has garnered impressive customer reviews, with 1,388 ratings and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Golfers from all backgrounds have shared their positive experiences, praising its performance and game-changing capabilities.


  • Improved Short Game: Say goodbye to thin and fat chips shots with the MAZEL Chipper Wedge. It gives you the confidence to nail those critical shots around the green.
  • Easy Ball Chipping: The heavy club head, combined with a lower center of gravity, facilitates effortless chipping. You’ll be amazed at how easily the ball gets up in the air.
  • No-Digging Wide Sole: The wide sole prevents digging, ensuring clean contact with the ball. The shallow grooves of the sole also reduce friction, leading to greater accuracy.
  • Better Control: The 35-inch putter-like length allows for easy swings, while the high-performance rubber grip offers a comfortable and secure hold. You’ll have better control over your ball speed and accuracy.


  • Specific Use Case: The MAZEL Chipper Wedge’s design caters more towards improving the short game. If you’re looking for a versatile club that can handle all types of shots, you might want to consider other options.

In conclusion, the MAZEL Chipper Wedge is an exceptional club that can truly elevate your short game. Whether you’re struggling with thin or fat chips shots or simply looking to gain more confidence and accuracy around the greens, this club delivers impressive results. Its solid construction, innovative design, and positive customer reviews make it a worthy investment for golfers of all skill levels.

So why wait? Improve your short game instantly with the MAZEL Chipper Wedge. Get yours now!

Customer reviews
1,388 reviews
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