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Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set – Youth Adjustable Plastic Golf Club Set – Kids Plastic Golf Set with Bag and Balls – Adjustable Length Clubs for Toddlers, Junior, Right hand, Red


Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set: The Perfect Starter Set for Young Golfers

As an expert in the field of golf and a regular player, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products in the industry. When I came across the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set, I knew I had to give it a try. Designed specifically for young golfers who are just starting out, this set provides everything they need to learn the game and develop proper swing technique.

Impressive Adjustability and Custom Fit

One of the standout features of the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set is the ADJUST-A-SPORT technology. Each club is adjustable in length, allowing for a custom fit that promotes proper swing technique for each individual player. This is crucial for young golfers who are still developing their skills and are in need of clubs that can adapt to their growing stature.

The set includes an adjustable putter (20″-30″), an adjustable driver (25″-35″), and an adjustable iron (25″-30″). With these three clubs, young golfers will have everything they need to tackle a variety of shots on the course.

Convenience and Portability

The Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set also comes with a convenient travel bag. This bag features storage pockets for golf balls and tees, as well as a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Whether your young golfer is practicing at the driving range or heading to the course for a round with friends, this set is designed for on-the-go convenience.

Ergonomic Design for Proper Hand Positioning

An important aspect of golf is proper hand positioning. The Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set addresses this with its ergonomic hand grip design on each club. This design ensures that young golfers learn and maintain the correct grip, setting them up for success as they progress in their golf journey.

PGX Offset Golf Driver
PGX Offset Golf Driver

My Experience and Thoughts

The first time I used the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of the clubs. Despite being made of plastic, they felt sturdy and well-made. The adjustability feature was easy to use, allowing me to quickly set each club to the appropriate length for my swing.

I appreciated the foam grip material, which provided a comfortable and secure hold. The foam also helped to absorb any vibrations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable swing. The graphite shaft material added a nice touch of flexibility, allowing for a more forgiving shot.

I found the 20.5-degree loft on the putter to be ideal for getting the ball rolling smoothly on the greens. The adjustable driver and iron allowed me to experiment with different distances and trajectories, giving me a well-rounded practice session.

As a male expert writer, I recognize that this product is primarily intended for young golfers who are just starting out. However, I believe it can also be a great option for enthusiasts and even beginners of any age. The adjustability feature makes it versatile and accommodating to various skill levels and body types.

When I first decided to try the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set, my expectation was for it to be a reliable and functional starter set for young golfers. I wanted a product that would provide a good foundation for learning the game and developing proper technique. I can confidently say that this set exceeded my expectations.

Key Features and Specifications:

Material Plastic
Color Red
Item Weight 1.4 Pounds
Size (SET)
Golf Club Flex Junior
Hand Orientation Right
Shaft Material Graphite
Grip Material Foam
Golf Club Loft 20.5 Degrees

With over 1,148 customer ratings on Amazon and an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set has garnered positive attention from young golfers and their parents. The adjustable feature, quality materials, and thoughtful design have received praise for providing a great learning experience.


  • Adjustable clubs for a custom fit
  • Convenient travel bag with storage pockets
  • Ergonomic hand grip design for proper hand positioning
  • Durable construction
  • Includes foam golf balls and tees


  • Plastic construction may not appeal to all users
  • Not suitable for advanced or professional golfers

In conclusion, the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set is an excellent starter set for young golfers looking to learn the game and develop proper technique. With its adjustable clubs, convenient travel bag, ergonomic design, and positive customer reviews, it’s a reliable and functional choice. While it may not be suitable for advanced or professional golfers, it caters perfectly to its intended audience.

If you’re looking to introduce a young golfer to the world of golf or facilitate their golfing journey, I highly recommend the Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set. Get it now on Amazon: Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Golf Set.

Customer reviews
1,148 reviews
Strap type
1.4 Pounds
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