Virtual Golf Caddy can reduce your handicap and lower your round scores.

You bought the clubs. You got fitted for the right putter. You have spent hours analyzing your swing and holding your poses. You went out and walked more. You stretch your hammies before and after every round. You even had your eyes checked.

Though all of those investments are great and can yield lasting benefits, have you overlooked one critical factor in improving your overall golf game?

Proper course management.

Virtual Golf Caddy is a revolutionary tech tool that has been specifically designed to address the mental game on the course by striking at the heart of proactive course management and game-planning, either prior to hitting the links or while you the actual hole.

Golfers know that each course they play poses unique challenges, and within each course, the individual tees, fairways, and greens multiply those challenges exponentially. Even if you have done your best to hone various golf techniques, chances are you have not analyzed the holes you are about to play vis-à-vis your own strengths and weaknesses, let alone the day’s wind and weather.

Virtual Golf Caddy allows you to see the hole, which means you have the advantage of strategizing your club selection and approach play before you tee off. The aerial view from tee to green shows you each hazard at its exact distance so that you can visualize landing spots for flatter fairway lies.

You may well know how far you can hit your driver on a par-5, but what if your optimal distance puts you, at best, at the narrowest stretch of the fairway or, at worst, even-up with a bunker or two? Being able to see that outcome before you even go to your bag means that you are proactively addressing the mental aspect of your overall game. You can visualize exactly where you want that drive to land.

‘High-percentage shot’ might be the most often uttered phrase by gold commentators, but the very concept is meaningless unless the golfer takes the course itself into consideration. You have the play the shot you can play, and not the one your saw on Sportscenter’s ‘Top 10’, but choosing the right club for the right shot is only part of the equation. Even if you can hit your 3-wood 200 yards consistently, that 200 yards looks different on every hole and every course. See each one and prepare yourself so that you can keep yourself in regulation and out of trouble.